SDR Retail Collection

MTB meets punk rock. Maybe some screen printing gear too, who knows?

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SDR Clothing Custom

Custom design, screen printing, dye-sublimation & embroidery.

Get high quality custom casual or technical clothing for a price that won’t destroy your budget, all wrapped in ridiculously good customer service. SDR Clothing Custom offers versatile custom clothing solutions suited for everything from small runs for your group mtb trip or band merch, to large scale jobs and everything in-between.

Click below to learn about screen printing & embroidery or dye-sublimated custom cycling apparel.

Based in Burlington, Vermont – SDR Clothing Company offers custom screen printing & small batch embroidery as well as manufacturing custom dye-sublimated cycling apparel for mountain biking and gravel/road biking. We also produce a small retail line of casual & technical MTB apparel with a punk/metal/hardcore aesthetic.

There is no plan. SDR started accidentally and continues to lurch forward without any real direction, other than disrupting the status quo in mountain bike culture.

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